Thursday 26 January 2012

St. Valentine's Affliction: Love-struck or Epilepsy?

So what on earth does, engaged couples, happy marriages, love, fainting, the plague, bee keepers and a beheaded bishop have in common with Epilepsy?
Well, actually it's our patron saint, St. Valentines.

I have to admit that if someone asked me what St. Valentine's Affliction was before researching this post, I'd probably say it had something to do with over spending on Valentine's Day. Actually it's an ancient name for Epilepsy.

Since the bunting and decorations for New Year and Christmas have been taken down, I'm sure it hasn't escaped anyone's notice that, as if by magic, the shops are now filled with cards saying: "I love you", just about anything red, love hearts and roses a plenty. Yes, in a few weeks, that yearly ritual that makes everyone single in the world feel every more depressingly single and every loved up bloke in the world's wallet tremble, will begin again. I suppose you could say that in this case, the heart definitely rules the head when it comes to St. Valentine - most likely because brains weren't very easy to turn into a commercial bonanza.

The cruelly ironic thing is that, for many people with Epilepsy, telling their partner that they have the condition, isn't the easiest thing in the world and it's not always greeted with a positive response. I've experienced being dumped before, directly after I explained to a partner why I couldn't drive or why I left the Police, it's not pleasant. I don't think it's fair that anyone who has the condition should feel closeted because of it.
But I do think however, that if someone walks away because you have Epilepsy, it's better to have told them and to know if they are not worth any of your time. In the end these people aren't good enough and it's better to get on with finding the one person who is, than waste your time with the others who weren't.

I know I talked before about people who are having to deal with horrendous Epilepsy, far worse than mine and how much of an inspiration they are to me. Well, the people who help and care for them are really quite amazing too and an inspiration. This doesn't just include parent's, it can include a husband or wife, or a partner too - many people can develop Epilepsy later in life.

For those of you who aren't new to the blog, you may have noticed that my widget imbedding skills have got rather better and there is now a lovely new shiny donate button on the top right corner of the blog. I think as far a St. Valentine goes, spreading some love and donating to Epilepsy Action would be something he very much approves of.

As for finding love, well lets hope for all of us with Epilepsy, that our patron saint can pull a few strings upstairs with his pal cupid and we'll all get our happy ending!

- Maybe stay away from the bee keepers though - you might get stung going down that route.

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