Tuesday 27 March 2012


It might sound slightly odd, but in many ways I felt a sense of guilt for receiving things like my nomination and then conditional offer and now confirmation to carry the Olympic flame, this July as part of the London 2012 Olympics.
I say that because so many people helped and inspired me to do what I did, that contributed to what I understand made up my nomination and they weren't recognised.

I don't think of myself as someone who is inspiring, I just think of myself as someone who is lucky.
I feel lucky to have had support and inspiration to get me through tough times in my life as well as motivate me to get up the painful hills in the RAAM. I feel incredibly lucky to have been afforded the opportunity to have surgery, which dramatically improved my Epilepsy. Even though I went through a tough period loosing my job as a Police Constable because my Epilepsy came back 5 years after surgery, I feel lucky to have had the support to get me through the period from my mum in particular.

Most of all however, I feel so lucky that I found and latched on to sport.

It was in the end, the making of me and has given me so much, particularly my cycling.

When I got my letter from Coca-Cola saying "We've been searching for extraordinary people; those who have a burning passion and use it to spread happiness and inspire others. These are our future flames - and you are one of them", it was probably the most humble I have ever felt in my life.

I will carry the Olympic flame on the 26th of July between somewhere between Camden and Westminster.
Without a doubt I will be carrying the flame for Epilepsy, for all the people that inspired me and helped me and I desperately hope I can raise awareness of our condition by doing it. 

I've talked a lot about my experience with Epilepsy and Cycling, but I also talk a lot about people who inspire me and for good reason.

I think it is time for me to tell their stories too, amazing idols of mine, close friends and people who do things that they think are unremarkable, that are actually exceptional. Without exception, I haven't met anyone with Epilepsy yet, who hasn't inspired me in some way.

I now greatly look forward to telling you their incredible stories.

As for me, well I hope to try and give back as much as I can to the people who helped me live a life which has been full and not a life wrapped in cotton wool. So my story is still ongoing and I'll keep you posted with any updates from time to time.


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