Thursday 14 June 2012

24hrs to Tango

So a bit of an update for you all:
In my wisdom, I have decided I quite fancied taking on the female 24hr Track Cycling world record.
- I really am a bit mental when you get to know me!

I don't have the date when I will attempt the record organised yet, I don't have my training schedule sorted yet and the venue (The Herne Hill Velodrome), I will almost certainly attempt the record in, is still waiting to have lighting built for the track. Although luckily for me, the plan is to add the lighting very soon. I suppose it would be no fun if there wasn't a bit of adversity chucked in for good measure.
All I know is that I will attempt the record this year and give it a bloody good shot, and that if I don't leave everything on the track, I'll be mightily annoyed with myself.

I should probably explain that in what would probably be considered my relatively young, Ultra-cycling career, I've had a pretty big idol, Seana Hogan. She holds most of the RAAM Solo female records and up until recently held the World 24hr female Track record when Italian Anna Mei broke the record last September. 
Seana a month ago went 3 miles better with a 444.78 mile record. 

So I will be aiming for Seana's record again.
- Well it'll give me something to do this year!

Not only that, but it's also very good training for the Race Across America in terms of my average speed training. As should be pretty evident from past posts, the RAAM Solo is my ultimate aim, but the nature of Ultra-cycling means there is always a record to try and break.  

I admire Seana hugely, she is a massive icon of the sport. So if (and it's an incredibly big IF) I broke the record, it would be a bit of a killing your father scenario - or the female equivalent.

There's a really big 'but' here though.

Despite my huge admiration for Seana, I feel as I always do with races of this type, that I'm doing it to prove a point for my friends who have Epilepsy and the incredible people I constantly keep meeting with Epilepsy too. As I've said time and again they are brilliant, physically able people, but individuals who don't fully understand Epilepsy jump to a conclusion which isn't always correct about them and in some scenarios myself as well.

So whenever it may be this year, that I get on the Velodrome track to attempt the record, the only thought in my head will be to try and do the condition justice. 

It won't be an easy feat and it's by far a certainty I will achieve what I'm setting out to do. But if I don't try, then I wouldn't give myself the opportunity to even possibly say:
"The World 24hr Track Cycling female record holder, has Epilepsy."

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