Friday, 10 June 2016

The Power Of Equality

It has been a historic week, for history making women. Queen Elizabeth II turning 90, or Hilary Clinton becoming the Democratic Candidate for the 2016 US Presidential elections, they've managed to make gender irrelevant. Admittedly, the progress within the Queen's lifetime, has been that of a first born of either gender, becoming first in line, to be the Head of the Commonwealth, but her service has shown that the old rule of the first born male is obsolete.
The second historic development gives us the possible break-through in political history, of the first woman to become the most powerful elected representative in the world and it's looking strongly, like Hillary Clinton, could be the first female President of the United States, in the country's long history of major break-throughs. After breaking the race discrimination rules up, to where they rightfully should be, this final glass ceiling is starting to be smashed blow by blow.

Of course, theses great moments of equality are still rare. I had previous interest in politics, but throughout my own journey have realised that you don't have to be in a position of power to make a change. Epilepsy Forward will always be about trying to find a new way to challenge stigma, or to show by example the abilities of people with epilepsy. After all, the core belief everyone has, is that someone with epilepsy should be judged by the person they are outside of their seizures, not to let the seizures define that person instead.

But not having to focus time in politics, has meant that I have more time to dedicate, to my Ultra Cycling and specifically the 24 hour Track Cycling World Record. I have an ability at least in the UK, to set a record which will be genderless because an indoor track record for the UK hasn't been set.

Of course, the silver lining to any set back because of gender, race of disability, is that I believe it only makes you more determined to succeed.
But the strongest motivation as always, comes from inspiration, from the amazing people I have met along my journey, far, far greater than the 460 miles I hope to travel in a day in July 2017.

The idea that the British record full stop, would be held by someone with epilepsy, I hope is another axe, to throw at a far too thick piece of glass above our heads.


  1. Hello Katie,
    came upon this blog a couple of back. Though I'm not yet an ultra long distance cyclist yet, I used to do weekend century + rides. Had seizures as a kid and then after 25 years, it came back. I underwent bariatric surgery a year and a half back. Not enough links to prove that post bariatric surgery, seizures come back. w

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