Wednesday 8 February 2012

You don't have to look hard for Inspiration

In my last post I talked about Dickens, Lear, Ceasar and other historical figures who have provided inspiration at different points in history. I've also talked previously about how my Race Across America attempts might work with my Epilepsy.
Obviously Dickens, Lear, Ceasar and Co, never cycled the RAAM Solo, so how on earth can I relate their inspiration directly to how I would tackle my own challenge?

The solution? Go straight to the very top of the Race Across America tree!

George Thomas has broken Ultra Cycling records a plenty, completed RAAM Solo numerous times and is so well considered within the Ultra-cycling community that he became the Race Director of several Ultra Cycling races, including his current post as the Race Director of the grandaddy of endurance cycling, The Race Across America.

George suffers from Epilepsy. As real life inspiration goes, he's pretty darn good in my case!
- And by that I mean, he's about as good an example of me feeling I can achieve my goal of the RAAM Solo as I could possibly get.

The reason I mention George is that as a cyclist, in particular an Ultra-marathon cyclist with Epilepsy, he is an amazing man to look up to. I actually have 2 major cycling influences that have the condition, the other being Marion Clignet, who despite being shunned by the USA cycling team for having Epilepsy, became a 6 times World Champion Track Cyclist. Not bad aye?

As far as cycling goes I have some very rich pickings when it come to idols who have Epilepsy like me. But it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you played a different sport and found a World Champion, Olympic medalist, or in another area of life outside sport found your own idols, not just from history, but that are current, amazing individuals that you can draw from.

It just goes to show, that inspiration isn't far away if you need it. But even for me my friends that have Epilepsy constantly provide me with new inspiration every time I speak to them. Be it a famous idol or close friend, we're not alone, we're not the only people going through the issues Epilepsy throws up.
So if you've ever thinking "I feel alone" or feel like you don't have anyone to talk to that can relate to what you are going through, just look around.

We're never far away and probably a lot closer than you might think.

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